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Zebra Workstation Connect enabled by GDS® Technology™

Zebra Workstation Connect enabled by GDS® Technology™

It's no surprise that in today's fast-paced world of last mile delivery, warehousing, and field work that device mobility and seamless connection is not just a convenience, but a necessity for businesses and their workforce. That's why RAM® Mounts has partnered with Zebra Technologies for the last 10 years, to continuously innovate new solutions that increase worker productivity and efficiency while delivering a superior return on investment. 

Zebra's Workstation Connect software turns any Zebra mobile computers and tablets into Android-powered workstations and POS stations, tripling the functionality of the device and your investment.

What is Zebra Workstation Connect?

Zebra Workstation Connect is a software platform that allows you to seamlessly connect mobile devices to workstations, cutting out the cost and clutter of traditional computers. By connecting a handheld pc or tablet to a work-ready station, Zebra Workstation Connect allows users to instantly access applications on a larger screen while the platform mirrors programs and allows them to access files from their device. 

Zebra Workstation Connect is a software that can be ran on the following Zebra Devices: TC5x and TC7x handheld computers along with the ET5x tablet.

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How Does RAM® Mounts Support Zebra Workstation Connect??

RAM® Mounts supports Zebra Workstation connect by manufacturing GDS® hubs, desktop docks, and vehicle docks that enable the software platform to work out in the field and in the office. With a suite of powered docking options for Zebra's handheld devices and tablets, workstations can be customized to fit the needs of any given business.

Mobile devices are used as an extension of your workflow. Work files can be created or stored while out in the field, and then finalized when you’re back in your mobile office. For your Zebra device, RAM® offers multi-variant powered and non-powered GDS Docks. GDS® Docks have integrated pogo pins that align with the IntelliSkin-wrapped device's pogo pads for continuous charging and data sync capabilities.

Workstation Connect is made possible by the Zebra device and a GDS® capable hub to convert to HDMI output for external monitor. 

A Zebra ET5x is placed in a GDS Dock and casting to an external monitor via Zebra Workstation Connect

Ideal In-Vehicle Solution For Workstation Connect Solution

Of course, RAM® Mounts offers an ideal solution for in-vehicle mobile workstations. Comprised of a full 13.3″ touchscreen monitor, keyboard, device dock, vehicle base and proper cables, the GDS® Ecosystem is the perfect foundation for an instant mobile workstation. The RAM® No-Drill vehicle base is our go-to solution, capable of taking on the most rugged environments with wobbling your devices or compromising their safety. Explore the components that went into the featured solution to the left:

RAM ® No-Drill Universal Vehicle Base

RAM ® 8” Upper Pole and Double Ball 75x75mm VESA Mount

GDS ® View 13.3" Touch Screen Monitor

GDS ® Keyboard with Track Pad

GDS ® Powered Dock for Zebra TC2x & TC5x

A man is using his Zebra TC5x device in his mobile workstation

Thankfully, RAM® Mounts are highly adjustable and modular, so you can swap the monitor for your a tablet holder, or ditch the keyboard to add a printer mount. Whatever the case may be, RAM® Mounts are always customizable to fit your needs.