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GDS Tough-Dock

GDS® Tough-Dock™

The GDS® Tough-Dock™ is the newest vehicle docks in the GDS® Tech™ line of vehicle docks designed to support select Samsung Galaxy and Zebra tablets in an IntelliSkin® protective sleeve for your fleet. Take advantage of a USB Type-C connector, supporting data sync, and fast charging capabilities.

Standard & High Speed Power Options

All GDS® Tough-Dock™ and GDS® Cool-Dock™ models are available and support both mUSB and USB Type-C connections.

Connect Your Keyboard & Other Peripherals

Customize your mobile workstation with peripheral add-ons that help improve your workflow. Our GDS® Ecosystem™ makes it easy to choose different peripherals designed to work perfectly with the GDS® Tough-Dock™ and GDS® Cool-Dock™.