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GDS Uni-Conn

GDS® Uni-Conn™ Universal Snap-In Docking System

The GDS® Uni-Conn™ is the newest innovation from RAM® Mounts, utilizing a universal snap-in docking system. All that is needed is an attachable button adapter and an IntelliSkin® protective case to enable this revolutionary docking station—eliminating the hassle of costly device upgrades. When considering your next device upgrade, there truly is only One Dock to Connect Them All™.

GDS® Uni-Conn™ for Healthcare

Soon you will be able to customize the color of any GDS® Tech™ or IntelliSkin®, including the GDS® Uni-Conn™ Dock. Fit your docking aesthetics to a clean, professional, sterile environment with a new off-white product line.

GDS® Uni-Conn™ Enablement

In order to enable the GDS® Uni-Conn™ Dock, this universal button adapter is needed for the IntelliSkin® to dock successfully. That’s it! One IntelliSkin and one button adapter per device is all that is needed to enable this future-proof docking solution.

Seamless device upgrades for the future

Each IntelliSkin® is designed with the alignment point at the same height to connect with one universal docking station. When the time comes to upgrade devices in your fleet, a new IntelliSkin® is all that is needed.

Reliable Connection, Rugged Protection

The IntelliSkin® and GDS® Tech™ system is designed to not only protect the device, but protect the device port by converting the connection point to ruggedized pogo pin contacts. No more plugging and unplugging, dirt, damage or debris interrupting your device’s connection.