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IntelliSkin Thin-Case

IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™

The IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™ is a new style of the tried and true IntelliSkin®. This case is a low-profile, two-piece enclosure featuring two unique connection styles, the standard Distinctive D Shape™ pogo pad connector or the new Rear Pogo Pad connector, integrated into the GDS® Uni-Conn™ adapter. Learn more about the unique features of the IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™ below and see if it's the right fit for your business.

Two-Piece Device Enclosure

The IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™ features a two-piece closure mechanism, making it more secure than the standard IntelliSkin® Next Gen. The robust polycarbonate shell protects your device from daily wear and tear while the complete enclosure makes it difficult for unauthorized users to access the tablet, providing additional peace of mind for tablets mounted in high-traffic environments.

Slim, Low-Profile Design

The IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™ is named for its slim, low-profile design. Thanks to the two-piece enclosure design, we're able to make the entire case from a high-strength polycarbonate featuring a smooth surface and removing the larger rubber bumpers on the corners of our standard IntelliSkin® Next Gen. This sleek design makes it easy to wipe down and sanitize the device and its case in fast-paced environments.

Reliable Connection, Rugged Protection

The IntelliSkin® and GDS® Tech™ system is designed to not only protect the device but protect the device port by converting the connection point to ruggedized pogo pin contacts. No more plugging and unplugging, dirt, damage, or debris interrupting your device’s connection.

IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™ with Rear Pogo Pads

The IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™ collection features a new, unique type of power delivery. Up until now, IntelliSkin® has been recognized for its Distinctive D Shape™ connector located on the bottom of the sleeve. The new IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™ with Rear Pogo Pads features a powered Uni-Conn™ adapter with 29 pogo pads. This connection point will charge and connect the tablet to peripheral devices when docked in a GDS® Uni-Conn™ solution that features pogo pins in its Uni-Conn™ connection point.

GDS® Uni-Conn™ for Healthcare

Soon you will be able to customize the color of your IntelliSkin® Thin-Case™. Fit your docking aesthetics to a clean, professional, sterile environment with a new light gray product line.